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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 2, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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r ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> good evening. that breaking news in san francisco where the bomb squad is on the scene right now at mason street between ed and turk. suspicious device found they dealt natured it. police didn't say what the device was.
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streets passed. more informatn on this breaking news story in san francisco as it develops. now to the latest on the bart negotiations. bart today brought out general manager hoping to calm the nerves of xhirts. says progress is being made and here's where things stand rate now. talk have ended for the night. they broke offht at 8:00 o'clock. both side will be back at it again at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. there was new contract offer yesterday but both sides are still far apart one of the make sticking points is contribution to health benefits. >> over fortune 500 company has gotten rid of the benefit plan. it's only in the public sec tovrment taxpayer supporting. what the bart board management are concerned about is the taxpayer riders you have to think of different parties. it's not just one group you think about if trying to resolve something like this we pleded with the board today asking for some help in
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changing the direction a little bit. we need to get dialogue going between chief negotiate or and us. >> barts general manager and leader hopeful they can reach an agreement on the points as talk tip through the weekend. bart workers may walk off the job if agreement not in place by sunday night that make a mess of the morning commute. >> union leders want board members bart board members to get more involved in the negotiations and they made that plea today at special meeting of the bart board in oakland this morning. thisen director december appeared behind closed doors. nick smith was there when they came out. >> if you want us to fully fairly bargain then you have to cooperate. we can not bargain with ourselves. >> this morning bart board of direct tr got an earful from frustrated commuters and union representative pushing for an agreement to avoid the potential strike. >> we don't want disruption of service. we hope you don't as
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well. >> i hope they get it sorted out so it doesn't kilometer to that. >> commuters caught in the middle. looming dead lean means bart that much closer to putting the brake on service and leaving thousands without a way to get around. >> i hope it gets settled soon because i'm starting a new job next week and i need bart really badly. i work in the city and i still have to go to work but you have to go 2 hours ahead of time. >> union representing the majority of bart worker issue notice of intent to strike sunday at midnight. after hearing them out bart board of director had closed door session about the chris's. it's all met together first time since jichbility we all went want to get this done this weekend. >> they accuse board members not getting the daily done. >> we can't share in the group setting. our experience to see if wegñgñ make this thing work. >> closed door session gave the full board of director an opportunity to provide direction to mappingment and negotiators on how to move
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forward. they shared nothing of what was said with us but group representatives remain skeptical. >> our safety issue. have yet to be addressed. >> other issues that are extremely important to us. have yet to be addressed. >> with the dead lean looming both sides under pressure to make a daily. this is 7 news. >> all right. if there is a striking bart is hoping to have up to 95 buses visible to make limited runs from el cerrito, walnut creek, dublin, plane anton, fremont westç oakland station service from condition cord san leandro may added as well. ferry run extra boats from oakland vallejo. overflow in alameda golden gate transit inform additional service but 2 boats will be used by bay ferry and car pal license hours will be extended like they were last time from 5:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. >> we have assembled a range of resource wealth of information
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for you section for the latest on bart contract negotiations and details on casual car pool locations as you prepare for plan b. you can also down load our exclusive abcx÷ 7 news way traffic app to help you navigate the freeway that is busier if the trains aren't running. remember to follow us on twitter at this breaking news update? now the cause of the possible strike 7 news will begin half hour earlier than usual. at 4:00 o'clock on monday. eric and christian will anchor the govrj and traffic reporter will show us is what happening with the commute. joan us for early start monday morning at 4 a.m. on abc 7 morning news. >> all right we mav on now with stay on tp the of the bart negotiations of course. >> u.s. supreme court orderedxd california to release thousands of state inmates because the prison are over crowded. governor fighting the feds in court to stop it but ran out of option. if people have serious
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safety concerns. >> governor brown california prison population can not be reduced my further without letting out dangerous felon. u.s. supreme court refused to stop an early release order to ease overcrowding. ruing in the decade old case is a victory for inmate who klaev health care hyped bars fail to meat constitutional stand arrested causing needless suffering and death. >> overcrowding still stand in the way of effective remedy for the medical mental health problems that play a californi california. >> california has already reduced the prison population by 46,000. since 2006. but the court have continually said that's not enough. the state needs to shave another 10,000 in less than 5 months. >> governor brown is really out of legal option at this point. he risk contempt of court charges if he doesn't comply by the end of the year. correction department confirmed
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preparation ve the reduction. 30 from the women prison if chow which will a identified as eligible for patrol along with 800 men throughout the system. contract with out of state prison extended and sentences are being recalculated for those with good too many credit and completion of rehab program. >> this is absolutely insean. >> crime victim group worried. crime rate are still at historic low the numbers were slightly up for 2012. unup fortunately they have already state has already shifted the those who they consider low risken mate to the counties and now all that is left are the most serious violent criminals in our state prop. >> legislature has until mid september to pass law or approve funding that enables the state to further pass the prison population n.sacramento, abc 7 news. >> contra costa county judge sentenced pedophile to the maximum 69 years today calling
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him evil personified. the judge says miller repeatedly molested 11-year-old boy. prosecutors say miller was arrested several times on chilled pornography charges but deliberately manipulated the legal system. victims and the family to serve as little time as possible. not any more. >> tragic story to report in san jose where toddler drowned. it turns out it happened after the babysitter fell asleep. 2-year-old boy wandered in the next door neighbor yard in evergreen area and fell into a swimming pool. panic sitter called police when he woke up and could in the find the boy. authorities fond him in a pool tried to resuscitate him but sadly to no avail. >> well the fda says farm in mexico is the source of stomach bug in two state and the farm is subsidiary of company based in salinas. investigators traced outbreak to taylor farms of mexico. it provides salad mix to restaurants in iowa and nebraska. fda not saying
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whether salad is responsible for sickening hundreds of people in 14 other states but taylor farms says half of its salad to olive garden and red lobster. company says it's cooperating with the fda and that none of the salad mix is in the food supply any longer. fda says it's stepping up the surveillance of green and exported to the u.s. from mexico. >> strange crime spree is prompting folk in a quiet san jose neighborhood to wonder if they need to get private security. happening in the willow glen neighborhood of san jose. vick lee investigated the story today and has some answers tonight. >> this is ideal up scale neighborhood with manicure lawn where serious crime unheard of. where cat burglar may a real cat. but race interestly something disturbing happening here. >> we have had some break in. we have had people entering people houses and when coming
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out of the shower and if alar alarming them. >>reporter: neighbors say a bit more careful now. they close the wind 0and lock the doors when they leave. >> putting many of the neighbors ill at ease to say the least. >>reporter: safety concerns of neighbors here did not start with a breaken. they started with peaches. that's right. if it's true. barrage of them reigning down on homes late at night. >> woke me up. hitting the wall and window. >>reporter: it was like a hitchcock movie. >> over the tree landing on various roof top. >> police were called. but the police didn't ever show up. it was very low priority for them. >>reporter: folk here think someone is using some is kind of lawchblinger. shoot peaches at home why nobody knows but the peaches have gallivanize the neighbors who want to hire private security patrol. especially since they have discovered that there have been break-in as well. they have been told it would cause each resident less than 24 dollars a
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month for the service. >> that would be security to have to be able to cull in somebody when the police can't really get here. >> there is opposition from those who have burglar alarms. >> just one more spechbilitys i pay for the alarm system. why do i pay for more. >> nbs gather here at the community center next week. to discuss peaches and security. this is abc 7 news. >> still ahead this friday night. warning from the state department to anyone planning trip overseas. you will hear from the joint chiefs of staff open this. >> plus face book stock break important barrier for the first time since going public while the company admits to million dollar pay out. find out to whom. we have the weather. >> weather lacking fantastic dachbility warmed up today. let you know if we will 10 to ♪
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♪ what's up with all these beers needing their own fancy glass? not me mon. i am my own fancy glass. red stripe. hooray beer! pass. >> u.s. embassy around the world on alert tonight. americans traveling abroad being warned to be vigilant.
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possibility of danger. martha has the story. >> the worldwide warning is alarming and unusually broad. it covers travel for americans be. and caution travelers to be especially wary of tourist site and public transportation. also unusual. the warning will stay in effect until the end of august. terrorist bulletin says may use a variety of means and weapon and target official and private interest. we spoke today exclusively to the chairman of the jont chiefs for abc this week. >> it is al qaeda affiliated threat yes. so it is of the al qaeda branch. >> the threat to blow up embassy cons lieutenant or something else. >> that part is unspecified but the intent seems clear. >> in the intent is to what. >> intent is to the attack western not just u.s. ents. >> senior u.s. official telling abc news that this is
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an active plot. coming from yemen where the so-called underwear bomber got his training. where radical american mostly clear ick directed terrorist attack until he was killed in a drone streak two years ago. but there is a new boss now. now the coordinator of worldwide attack planning. intelligence showed latest plot could involve multiple target both inside and outside yemen. thus belong list of embassy closure across the muslim world. this after billions of dollars in security measures this can stop a truck and protect from blast. today warning clearly fall out from the deadly attack on the mission in benghazi. since then 151 new diplomatic security positions have been approved. 1,000 additional marine for embassy security although not yet in place and more than 500 marine soldiers now part of a quick reaction
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force to respond to attack in africa. >> officials hoping closing down the facilities and improving security in the region will avert an attack but there is no certainty that will work. martha abc news washington. >> back here. 1 author calls humboldt county marijuana frontier. tonight the border fast becoming the danger to bear and mammal. more than 1 16,000 marijuana plants enough poison to kill more than 750 black bear and other types of mammal. army of rodent. this week raid targeted areas near willow correct, hoop valley and/or liens. >> the banned pesticide kill mammal lake the weasle like fisher. sheriff's deputy also seeing clear cutting creek dam damping and pipe he moved from the ground. sheriff's office says it does not have any
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suspect at this moment. >> financial news. first people who purchased facebook stock finally say made some money. today facebook closed at 38.05 a share which is 5 cents more than its initial public offering price. lowest point the stock dropped to 1 17.55 a share. however ad revenue from mobile did he advice boosted aerption this year. stock has seen a 44 percent increw necessary valley sense quarterly earnings results announced last week. the initial i p o now made a nickel a share. >> one more note about faceboo facebook. it has paid out more than 1 million dollars to more than 300 hackers in the past two years specifically those known as white a hat. hacker who fond vulnerability and shared the problems with the company. 2 of the helpful hac hacker have been hired full-time in fact. full-time work is what sandhya is doing in the weather department all
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the time sitting in for spencer tonight. weekend is here. nice. cool. >> looks great. if i don't do full-time work i don't know if i could deliver such great weather. >> today we warm-up. by 2 to continue grease. tomorrow we hold you right around the same then sunday cool it off. >> this time of year. >> it dan by several degrees below normal this time of year. doesn't lack like any changes. >> so enjoy the break from the heat. as we check out the live doppler 7hd we have the low clouds and fog. not just near the coast but filling in over parts of the bay tonight. and here's view from our exploring camera you look towards the transamerica pyramid. financial district it is overcast right now typical around this tame of year. 56 in san francisco. 57 oakland. still pretty mild on peninsula down to the south by. san jose 62 degrees. golden gate bridge camera we do have some low clouds around visibility okay. santa rosa 61 writ now. 67 though in fairfield. novato 59 livermore currently check in at
9:20 pm
64 degrees in and from our high definition emeryville camera you see lack back to san francisco we do have the gray skies around. low clouds coast bay tonight. mild warm for saturday and cooling trend starts for the second half of your weekend. it really takes us rate on through the middle of next week. not lake anything is going to get warmer or hotter any time soon. here is the reason for it. there's is a trough parked here steady wednesday off the cool ocean water on shore flow will continue over the next 7 days. see our forecast animation even though the trough will shrink at times and eventually just park itself rate over us, it's going to prevent any heat from getting out here so no sign of summer heat. as long as high pressure can't build in we can't really bring you any hot weather so like i said enjoy the brake from the hot summer weather. typically see around this time of year. also means lower fire danger for the firefighters out there. tomorrow morning low clouds fog temperatures in the 50's 0so
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cool side early plans. pleasant south by 77 santa clara. sunny vale 78 in san jose. shining on peninsula for the afternoon. 79 in los alto altos. 78 redwood city. 70 million addresses. upper 50's low 60's coast side still extra layer around the coastal area. 61 in the sun set district. low clouds 65 in downtown san francisco. north bay you will see 60's here coast side. 83 santa rosa. 82 sonoma. east bay community hayward oakland richmond all in the low 70's. 74 union city. inland spots running warm. antioch 88. 83 pleasanton. 84 concord. 85 degrees in livermore. mild to warm saturday. a little bit cooler sunday and then temperatures drop-off a few more degrees. tuesday and wednesday. 82 in the warmest inland valley. that's cool. upper 50's coast side
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temperatures come back up thursday and friday. >> thanks vichlt police chase happen all the tile. boy not like this. up next on 7 news at 9:00 the who drove off with an officer holding on get 3 years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee.
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>> this is 7 news. >> can you imagine this happening on the hill. members of taiwan parliament exchange blow over nuclear power. legislature threw punch and water bottle. some ended up on the floor. swing at each othe other. opposition party wants construction on taiwan forth nuclear plant because of safety concerns. few things were sai said. then things, well, they e
9:26 pm
of video from russian trying to get away from police. you see the dash cam footage. guy take off with the car then driving through traffic. cop looks a little worried. holding on frantically. see the hat go. just a moment. cap falls off. after clinging to the car 25 very long seconds and going more than half mile the officer finally sleps off to the side. officer okay thank goodness pulled the driver over for making illegal material. has record for theft drug possession there he goes. after two days on the run. he's now in jail. cop is okay. >> drastic measure being taken by officials to find relief from sweltering summer heat across several cities main land china. staff in the province fired 7 rocket containing artificial precipitation. once
9:27 pm
the rocket exploded written fell across parts of the province 10 minutes later. heat sear the region with 105 degrees in the region. this week the china meteorlogical association declared level one emergency. cooler temperature should finally arrive some time next week. can't happen soon enough. >> more to bring you here. preventing future bart strike. coming up. should union workers on job critical to the been good be banned from striking. that debate just ahead. >> times changed 2 decade after tearing down embarcadero freeway, buding boom now under way. >> local shelter dog teaming up with inmates to get a new leash on life. i'll be back another
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>> union members have taken seriously this effort so have we and i know it hadn't been pop already to say progress has been made but it has. >> bart general manager putting a positive spin on the threat of bart strike. negotiators went home about 8:00 p.m. tonight. they will be back at it again at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and work through the weekend in an effort to avoid a strike monday morning. during the commute. well tonight one state senator considering a law to make transit strike illegal. cornell has that story. >> about if there is a strike on monday bart riders know it's going to be painful. >> i think it's terrible. settle it to all get to work and we are not stuck in grid lock next week. >> other city have avoided commuter chaos by simply out
9:32 pm
log transit strike. the law in new york. washington, d.c. and oregon to name a few. even muni workers in san francisco can't strike. >> we do have a system here in san francisco where there's no strike clause and it's been helpful. always beneficial particularly with trans it system. >> but prohibit ago bart strike would require a state law. >> strike is everybody loses in a strike. state senator may the first to the offer up a bill as soon as january which prevents bart workers from walking off the job. management from enacting lock out. >> more convinced this the is an option for bart to take. one for the legislature to pursue. >> senator knows the idea won't be popular with trans it union. >> i'm not unsympathetic with the rank and file. i think they need wages and benefits that are good for the bay area. having said all that this doesn't work. >> not everybody believes sacramento needs to get involved. >> i don't know if we need law to settle this. >> trying to understand where
9:33 pm
these people are coming from but personally i mean it would make my life whole lot easier. >> if prevent from striking. >> exactly. >> for now many riders just think about getting to work. open monday. abc 7 news. >> the former test engineer who shot and killed 3 of his manager at silicon valley tech firm in 2008 was sentenced to life in prison today. without the possibilit parole. if the 52-year-old person entered killed the company ceo at this company. vice president of 0ration and human resource manager. he was phone guilty of 3 counts of murder. first agree murder this year rejecting insanity plea recently laid off from the company. formeral mead county superior court judge who bilk 97-year-old neighbor out of 1.6 million dollars pleaded no contest to 2 felony and will only phase v year probation.
9:34 pm
plea deal with prosecutors 58-year-old pall simon of berkeley avoided what might have been a lengthy prison material he was accused of stealing money from his elderly neighbor and nothing over the course of 13 years. under this plea deal simon ban from holding judicial office and disbarred from practicing law in california. never again. >> shelter dog graduated from unique program today. they were trained by inmates in the san mateo county jail. dog part of the of tails program that stands for transitioning animal into loving situation. it's a partnership between the peninsula humane society and san mateo couldn't sheriff's department. the dog in the program come from situation where they got along poorly with people or other dog. over 8 week time minimum security inmates retrain them under expert supervision. >> this is a day they graduate and go off to loving family.
9:35 pm
go off to people excited to be here today because they finally get the dog but they leave us. >> mixed emotion obviously. this is the 15th round of the program. so far 51 dog trained successfully by 105 inmates. >> remember the embarcadero freeway officially was interstate 4 80. double decker highway that cut rate through san francisco south of market neighborhood and right along the waterfront. well it has been 22 years since it was torn down after the loma quake. rubble is gone and replaced now with businesses condo and sky scrapers. but the building boom is not over. tonight carolyn tyler takes a look at the city sky license that is still changing. >> san francisco south of market neighborhood and you will see a whirlwind of construction. >> this is the biggest change to the san francisco sky lean since i think the mid 80's. >> gabels with spur a
9:36 pm
non-profit that advocate for smart urban renewal. he says san francisco is about to burst with new develop the. most of that new construction centers around this site. looks like a big hole in the ground right now. transbay terminal will be the grand central station of the west. linking high speed rail cal train and 8 bus liens from all over the bay area all under one roof. 4 block long public park will top it off this animation provided by the terminal planners he show what the center will look like when completed in 2017. >> the idea for the transit center was to create a national model for transit oriented development. to make transit more accessible. available and to surround that transit alaska says with high density development. >> in the 1980's san francisco saw backlash against high density project. critic worry
9:37 pm
the new high-rises would the shade park and led to this in the city but since the 80's the democrat graphic have shifted significantly in the city and so have public opinion. >> next to the terminal developers will build the center piece of the new development. the transbay tower will rise more than 1,000 feet making it the tallest most visible building in the city. >> development around the site is beginning to mav forward in the one block radius surrounding the transit center. we have 4 buildings either under construction or about to be under construction. >> nearly 2 dozen project have been approved between second street and the bay. these architect rendering show some of the project currently under construction or about to brick ground. it includes the lumin lumina, 6 55 luxury condominium at main and folsom street. construction started last month
9:38 pm
they go open sale next june. >> housing and jobs together in a dense urban environment where people can interact and have that kind of spontaneous interaction is what people crave. >> carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> just ahead. you could call it black listed. city famous for being politically correct may have taken it too far. >> congress heads out for summer vacation why some say summer vacation why some say time off is just a bad idea. people always ask, "what fruit goes best in red stripe?" please mon, red stripe don't need nothin' to make it taste delicious. red stripe. hooray beer! vietnam in 1972.
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♪ a wise jamaican once said, "drinking beer is like dancing with your lady. always better when you slow down." red stripe. hooray beer! sz. >> despite the budget battle being at impasse in washington to be lawmakers take the summer break 5 week of vacation. some call this a do nothing congress. hears why. last year by this time lawmakers had sent 54 bills to the president
9:42 pm
for his signature. half of which were minor issues. this year it's even worse. as of yesterday the house senate had passed 26 bills for prchl to sign in law. more now from l david curly. >> talk about a mad dash today. members of congress leaving the capitol grabbing the bag and heading home. for a 5 week vacation. gone with time running out to pass some big pieces of the country business including a budget. >> when you were at work you work it until you get it all done then you go on vacation. >> you earn your vacation. from doing your job. >> can't believe it. average working man gets two week vacation. that's more than if get break all through the year. >> look at the calendar once they return the house will have just 9 working days before the end of the budget year. senate just a few more. >> the amount of stuff the list of important things need to be
9:43 pm
done in this congress is just as long as my arm. >> so far this year senate met for only 96 working says days out of session for 53 day. house worked 102 day. the worry? we are headed to another fiscal cliff. >> we trade to talk to several minutes but none wanted to stop and talk to us about the paid 5 week away from washington nothing nearly 9 million dollars in salary. >> town hall meeting. entire time. most of the time. house side democrat complain republican are getting nothing done. but still headed home. as for the speaker. >> ample time to get our work done >> after vacation. abc news capitol hill. >> and they are off. recent memo causing quite a stir inseattle city hall because of the word it says employee should not use and has many people asking how politically correct is too politically correct. luke reports. >> we represent all the
9:44 pm
residence of seattle. >> that is part of the memo to city hall that spells it all out. recommendation to no longer use the term citizen or brown bag. office for civil rights says seattle serve all resident whether citizen or not. some like it and some don't. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> city leaders publicly size brown bag lunch meeting all the time the term has sordid history. do you find on it offensive. >> no. not at all. >> i don't. >> they call it brown bag for years. >> those responses made us think what else might government try to ban. brown bag come from the supermarket near the black olive, white onion and the yellow mustard. but the city of seattle not alone. state lawmakers vote to remove all gender specific words fishing records. freshman first year journey level and pen manship handwriting. >> to offend or not to offend. >> i think that's carrying the point of ridiculous.
9:45 pm
>> luke komo 4 news. >> well coming up next. on 7 news at 9:00. 68-year-old
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[ male announcer ] and now, try new gluten free vanilla chex. >>. >> we rather than more about canadian man who is born blind and got his sight for the first time at the able 66. he's 68 now. doctors told the family that thomas that there was nothing they could did for him. 2 years ago thomas fell down a flight of stairs fracturing bones in his face including those around his eye
9:49 pm
socket. plastic surgeon thomas if asked him if he wanted the eye fixed while at it thomas shocked 2 simple open rigs toe move the cataract and guess what thomas could see. 2 years later he's still adjust to go changing the finger tip and memory to visual now and says everything is beautiful and he feels like a child. all over again. can you imagine after all the years being able to see. wow! >> let's go back to update the forecast. we have the weekend weather. >> it looks beautiful for the weekend. you lack at live doppler 7hd low clouds fog coast side bay side inland spot pretty clear. tomorrow afternoon you see it warm-up again to today levels. 85 in livermore. 84 concord. 88 antioch up to 78 in san jose. around the bay mild 72 oakland 74 in san mateo o. richmond in the 70's. san rafael sfichlt santa rosa 83 degrees. san francisco 65 and 60 in half moon bay. see the lingering
9:50 pm
low cloud here near the coast breezy afternoon. lack at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. second half of the weekend slightly cooler. temperatures will drop off few more degree tuesday wednesday low 80's inland doppler 50's east coast then a little bit of a rebound but below normal the next 7 da days. >> so nice. >> pleasant i don't think too many people can complain. >> thanks very much? larry is here with all things sports. raiders business news tonight. >> yes. raiders we get a lot of rayer stories here today and the kicker is set. raider for life. new deal for sea bass and bay area kids hoping to go all the way. open little all the way. open little league reg
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and feel at home more quickly. chase. so you can. sz jeans jeans. sz jeans jeans. >> all the bay area coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. can they pull it off. bart and union back at the bargaining table in the morning. we have the latest on the talk. what happens if they
9:54 pm
fail. how social media helped catch a dine and dasher. coming up at 11 over on channel 7. larry hear lots of talk about baseball. >> that's why i always pay. >> that's not what i heard. >> everybody has a camera. last week just last week really it lacked lake the a might run away with the american league west title. rangers roared back into the race. they open a 3 game set with texas tonigh tonight. sauce am racing. a stichlt henderson. going to if 1,000 out of 1,000 or should be an investigation. tl 5 batters 4 innings including the 2 that scored on the double in the first 2. athletic. tied in the sec. bugs big swing. cruz 26th of the year. in the fourth now 4-2. he's from if
9:55 pm
har common name. only lasted a few innings. texas in the eighth. rangers we know would leave them 2 and a half game behind first place a. giants in tampa. bruce doing this for months. the poor little kid craig. 7 inningsment struck out 11. one reason. wrn done belt. taking out the belt. smoked it off chris archer. also triple single in the game. tied in the seventh after 2 o on. next batter crew ford. out of here. 2 run homer and the giants take the series opener in tampa. 4-1. little league baseball belmont red wad shores playing in the west regional in this. solo blast part of a 3 run inning. shawn lee wicked stuff. he struck out 14. belmont brad pretty good pitcher in own writ hear.
9:56 pm
and that's gone. nice effort. belmont wins 8 nothing in the first regional game. play hawaii in the next game sunday morning. philadelphia eagle they really have a full blown crisis on their hands and no play book for this. receiver cooper left the team after the cell phone clip went viral. cooper yelling the n word at concert last movement he's going to counseling and apologized rae pete he hadly. he was fined. but really here a lot of the black players on the team shun him. there is a divide on the eagle roster. cooper may have ended his whole career with a few really dump and insensitive moment. talk of the nfl. this controversy and today raiders head coach was asked about it. >> we haven't dressed it. obviously that's a situation that you know you don't want anything to be difficult vice i have in the locker room. i think we all understand that we have a group of young men that all come from different backgrounds and we have to
9:57 pm
respect all kinds of different backgrounds weather race religion or whatever the case may. >> everybody this the it was crazy when davis chose kicker sebastian in the first round of the draft in 2000. kicker in the first round. man known as sea bass still a raider and will be for 4 more years. gets a contract extension. up 4 years 19 million dollars. 8 million guaranteed. highest paid kicker in the league. hit on amazing 42 field goal of 50 yards or more during the nfl contrary. tie the record with the 63 yarder against denver two years ago. raiders will open the present season week from tonight at home against the cow boys. seems to have a firm grasp at the starting quarterback. he backed green bay and lost out to wilson in seattle last year. flynn number 1 guy. highly motivated right notch i don't like to talk about chip on shoulder or anything like that. butf hat pe
9:58 pm
for a long time. i'm excited i get an opportunity to good out and proof i tiger woods really needed this last week at the british open. flirted with history today. in the bridgestone invitational. started 2 back. rolling from the start. rolling this eagle putt in on 2. 5 under for the first 9 hole. birdie first 4 hole on the back side as well. long putt on 12. got it. chance at magical record tie 5 59. a little short. for par on 18. that's course record 9 under 61. got a 7 stroke lead at 13 under par. >> i'm very happy i was able to post that and i just kept thinking whatever lead hi. keep increasing the lead. i think it's at 7 now i believe. not too bad after two days. >> women british open trying to
9:59 pm
win the fourth consecutive measure uphill battle 1 over 73 missing par putt on 10. 2 under. on the 8 back. story of the day nicky of japan hold out for eagle on the fourth hole. second shot on the seventh. she does it again. another eagle. but she has no idea. she walked up. me? putter in her hand. 6 under for the tournament 9 under for 6 under of the day 9 under tournament and one back at the leader but she had no idea. caddy didn't see it. didn't sea it roll in. >> what are the odds of. that make up ground fast to do that. >> that's our report. for all of us, appreciate your time see of us, appreciate your time see you tonight at 11:00.
10:00 pm
sweet dee: oh, you're being ridiculous. he's a professional football player. mac: no, look, i'm not talking about killing the guy. i'm just talking about going up there with a group of dudes and intimidate him, maybe break his arm. you can't break tom brady's arm. oh, yes, i can! no more super bowls for that pretty boy. listen. let me tell you something with absolute honesty


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